What to do if there is mold in the cellar. Methods of disinfection of the cellar

дезинфекция погребаThe cellar, as you know, is an underground room designed for storing vegetables, fruits and canned food in the winter season. At the same time, the cellar must be dry, otherwise sooner or later mold will appear in it, as well as fungal diseases of vegetables and fruits. In addition, in the damp, all the wooden parts of the cellar will begin to collapse much faster. Therefore, every year in any cellar it is necessary to carry out disinfection.
Clean the cellar of garbage, sweep the dust from the shelves, treat the walls, floor, ceiling and all wooden parts with bleach.

How is the disinfection of the cellar. Destroying the mold

Disinfection of the cellar can be carried out in several different ways. But they are all quite effective.

  1. Before you start laying vegetables in the cellar, take out all the removable structures and parts – shelves, racks, boxes, and so on-out into the fresh air. Pour boiling water over them, and then thoroughly wash them with hot water with washing powder or soap. Then let all these details dry well, preferably in the sun, because the sun’s rays also burn out mold formations and fungi well. Those structures of the cellar that can not be removed and taken out into the air must be burned with a blowtorch to completely destroy the mold.
  2. You can fumigate the cellar room with quicklime. To do this, lower the metal tank into the cellar. Pour three or four kilograms of quicklime into it and fill it with water. An active reaction will begin. Lime vapors will completely destroy all mold, fungi, as well as rodents and insects in the cellar. Just do not forget that it is extremely dangerous to be in the cellar at this time. Because lime vapors are harmful not only to mold, but also to humans. Keep the cellar closed for two days, and then thoroughly ventilate it.
  3. Well, the third way to destroy mold in the cellar is to treat it with a special solution. In a ten-liter bucket, dilute with water four hundred grams of bleach and ten grams of copper sulfate. Mix thoroughly and rinse it with a solution of all the places in which was discovered the mold. After such disinfection, the cellar must be well dried and ventilated.Как уничтожить плесень в погребе

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