Types and types of fences. What kind of fence should I build around the site?

Types of fencesA fence on a dacha plot or in a private house is no less important than the house itself. The fence is not only a conditional protection from animals and people, but also a certain mystical feature that protects your home from uninvited guests. Let’s look at what types of fences there are, and determine the advantages of each of them.

Which fence should I choose for the site? Types of fences

The simplest fence is obtained from an ordinary picket fence, stuffed with two crossbars that are attached to wooden posts. Other options are also acceptable. Instead of a picket fence, you can make a crook or weave openwork boards with an expressive pattern from branches. The advantages of such a fence are obvious-accessibility and cheapness.

A fence made of wire mesh looks very good. The net is stretched between wooden or metal posts placed 2-3 meters apart from each other. It is attached to metal hooks. To prevent the mesh from stretching and starting to hang out, a wire with a thickness of at least 3-6 millimeters is woven into its upper and lower edges.

Also, the grid fence will look more beautiful if the grid is placed in a metal frame, welded from the corner. These fence panels are easily attached to various types of supports. They can also be quickly dismantled and moved to other places.

If you want to protect your site from prying eyes, you can use profiled flooring as a fence. The option is more expensive, but, nevertheless, still acceptable.

And finally, the most expensive version of the fence is solid brickwork or welded metal rods that can be bent in various variations to create wonderful patterns. Advantages-durability and reliability.

Types of fences-woodenFences for garden plotsMetal mesh fenceTypes of fences

The lower ends of wooden fence posts are coated with bitumen to prevent them from rotting. They can also be impregnated with working out. And the holes in which the columns will be installed are clogged with clay. This will extend their life for a longer time. Metal supports are filled with concrete.

Gates and wickets should look harmonious and therefore are made of the same material as the fence.

All metal elements of fences should be painted to reduce the impact of precipitation on them.

Wooden fences are covered with water-repellent impregnation. You can also use a budget option-soak the fence with used engine oil.

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