The fragrance of your home. How to saturate your home with pleasant smells

The fragrance of your homeIf the house smells good, you want to go back there. The pleasant aromas of freshly baked pastries, clean Laundry and flowers. If you do not like the smell of your home for some reason, it can be improved with simple tools available to anyone. It is not necessary to buy special air flavors, which are not always harmless. Improve the flavor of the home can be more simple
and natural ways.

How to improve your home fragrance

Place the sachet bags in the wardrobe. You can buy them in a store or make them yourself by putting fragrant dried herbs inside.
Are you going to vacuum the apartment? In advance, drop a drop of your favorite essential oil on the filter inside the vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, you will notice that a pleasant aroma has spread through the house.
When printing a new roll of paper, drop a drop of essential oil on the inside of the sleeve.
Wash the trash can clean. And when there is no doubt about its cleanliness, wipe the inside with a cloth soaked in a special solution: 1 tbsp.of soda and 1 tbsp. of cinnamon per 200 ml of water.
As a home-made humidifier with the function of aromatization, a pialka with water will be suitable, which can be put on the battery in the room. In the water, you need to drop an essential oil, the smell of which you like. Nothing comes to mind? Then just squeeze the juice of an orange or lemon into it!
The Shoe Cabinet will smell nice if you come up with a fragrance for each pair. These can be the simplest sachets with a pleasant aroma.
To create a pleasant smell in the kitchen, peel an orange. Its skins should be left on a plate for a couple of days.
Want to stroke it? Add some flavor to the water inside the iron. Just a tiny drop is enough to make the clothes only slightly convey the notes of perfume.
During cleaning, wipe any horizontal surfaces in the house with the following composition: 200 ml of table vinegar and ½ tsp of tea tree essential oil. The composition is poured into a spray gun and spray on surfaces. Then wipe them.
Don’t like the smell in the fridge? Moisten the gauze, folded in several layers, in a solution of 200 ml of water and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Press the gauze and place it in any compartment on the refrigerator door. As soon as the smell disappears, the fabric can be renewed.

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