A safe way to deal with the Colorado potato beetle

fighting the Colorado potato beetleIn almost all regions of Russia, the Colorado potato beetle, which is the worst enemy of potatoes, is rampant in every summer season. Gardeners have to spray potatoes with insecticides several times during the summer. Some summer residents are afraid to process potatoes with chemical means and collect the larvae and the Colorado beetle itself manually. If there are a lot of them, and a potato field rather big, then this procedure turns into a hell of a job. But there are ways to deal with the Colorado potato beetle and less time-consuming-besides, environmentally friendly, that is, without the use of various chemicals.

An environmentally friendly method of controlling the Colorado potato beetle

To get rid of the Colorado potato beetle, you can use a simple and safe remedy for both the plants themselves and the environment – urea. To do this, take spoiled and cut into small slices of potato tubers that are unsuitable for food, as well as fresh potato peels and immerse them in a concentrated urea solution for about a day. Urea solution is prepared at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

Then the soaked potatoes and peelings are laid out at equal intervals on the site where the potatoes are planted. Tubers and peelings are more to the taste of the Colorado beetle than potato leaves, and as a result of our cunning, the pest quickly descends from the tops and pounces on the non-poisoned bait. As a result, the Colorado beetle dies some time later.

On potato bushes, only individual specimens of insects can remain, which can be easily collected by hand.

This method of controlling the Colorado potato beetle works not only in the summer during the potato growth period, but also in the early spring before planting, and in the fall after harvesting.

In the spring, such baits are a real delicacy for crawling out of their winter shelters and incredibly hungry beetles, and in the fall, this procedure helps to reduce the number of pests that have gathered to winter in the country.

Therefore, to get rid of this pest in your potato field, regularly lay out the bait described above on the ridges from early spring to late autumn.

Source: magazine “1000 tips for summer residents»

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