Summer shower for a garden plot. The scheme of a summer shower

Летний душ. Схема

If there are no clean swimming pools near your garden plot, then you will need to organize a summer shower. However, even if you have a river somewhere nearby and there is a lake, it is not always after gardening you want to go there to swim. And the weather doesn’t always “whisper” for this. And if you are also an older person, then you just need a summer shower on the site.

How to make a summer shower in a suburban area

How to make a summer shower in a suburban area In order to build a comfortable shower, you not only need to choose a place for it, but also buy some materials and equipment. To organize it, you will need such elements as: a washing booth, a water heater, a feed tank for cold water, pressure tanks for cold and hot water, as well as a hand pump, water pipes, a mixer and a shower net. You will also need a water intake, pipes for the sewer outlet and actually the sewer pit itself, for collecting soapy water.

If you will use a wood-burning water heater as a water heater, then try to take into account not only sanitary, but also fire safety requirements when arranging the shower. The ideal place to place, perhaps, will be the end of the plot and preferably on a hill. Choose a place where you will arrange a collection of used water. It is very good if this collection is next to the compost pit because soapy water is great for watering and maturing compost fertilizer.

The catchment area is made as follows. Dig a hole with a depth of 60-70 centimeters and a total size of 80×80 centimeters. The walls of this pit are filled with concrete A shower stall can be made using a cut Board or plywood sheets. Approximate dimensions of the shower stall can be taken as follows: washing compartment-1, 25X1 m; compartment for installing a water heater-1, 25X0, 8 m. The height of the shower stall is 2.2 – 2.3 m. Under the booth itself, a solid ribbon Foundation is poured. The floor should have a slope towards the catchment area, where the catchment pit is located, from which the sewer pipe is diverted. The capacity of the water heater and tanks must be at least 40 liters per person. The tanks must be securely fastened over the cabin because full tanks will weigh quite a lot about two to three hundredweight.

The scheme of a summer shower
Летний душ. Схема

1 – water heater; 2-ascending circulation pipe; 3-descending circulation pipe; 4-hot water pressure tank; 5-tap; 6-cold water pressure tank; 7-signal pipe; 8-pressure pipe; 9-hand pump; 10-feed tube; 11-feed tank; 12 – soapy water collection; 13 – sewer pipe; 14 – internal water intake; 15 foot wash hose; 16 – system drain valve.


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