Steam bath instead of cosmetologist. Steaming by the rules

Steam bathThe steam room in the bath can completely replace some of the services of a cosmetologist! Since ancient times, the bath has been considered a place where a woman can prolong and restore her health and beauty. Well, in order for the steam room to bring only one benefit and nothing but benefit, it is necessary to steam in stages using well-known rules (which unfortunately many lovers and lovers of steam rooms do not always observe).

Steam bath. Rules for visiting the steam room

Before you go to the steam room for 20-30 minutes you need to drink lime or chamomile tea with honey. Both of these drinks can have a powerful diaphoretic effect that opens the pores of the skin and you will be ready for further cosmetic procedures.
The first time we go to the steam room for no longer than 3-5 minutes. It will be enough just to feel the heat and go back out.
Now we apply a scrub to the skin of the face and body, which removes dead skin particles. The greatest effect will be produced by cosmetics prepared with natural ingredients. For example, as a scrub, coffee grounds mixed with honey are quite suitable. Apply it to the skin must be preheated in a water bath. After applying the scrub, massage the skin with an abrasive mass, and then wash everything off.
Now you can go back to the steam room, but for a longer time – 10-15 minutes. At this time, you need to splash herbal infusion on the heater. Usually this infusion is water from a steamed bath broom – birch, oak, fir, etc. But you can also prepare a special infusion. In vegetable oil, a few drops of essential oil are diluted-pine, juniper or eucalyptus in a ratio of 5: 1.
Next, we take a break again, during which it is necessary to make up for the loss of fluid in the body. To do this, we again drink herbal tea. Then we do a light massage of the problem areas of the body using massage gloves.
We make a new visit to the steam room and this time you need to use a steamed broom. You need to start steaming with a light injection of warm air to the body. At the same time, we can not even touch the skin with a broom. Then slowly begin to make light pats with a broom on the body, gradually increasing them. You need to move from the bottom up.
After you have thoroughly steamed, rinse your body with warm water. You can make a contrasting douche, alternating warm water with cold. Then apply a moisturizing face mask to restore water balance. And finally apply a moisturizer for the face and body.

All our bath beauty treatments are over and you have received an effect that not every professional cosmetologist can provide… and also completely free of charge.

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