Self-made structures for collecting fruit of fruit trees

If you have a garden in which fruit trees grow, then in the fall there is a problem of quick harvest. Plucking apples with your hands, for example, is long and tedious, but you can make special homemade designs for this, which will greatly facilitate the harvesting of the fruit crop. Below you will see the device diagrams of the simplest devices for collecting fruits,
which will be quite easy to make with your own hands.

Self-made structures of fruit collectors

Find a piece of wire, a piece of burlap and a long stick, and according to the diagram below, make the simplest device for collecting fruit. In one of the designs of the fruit puller (Fig. 53 b position 1), the stalk is cut off using a razor blade, which is inserted into the clips with a triangular cutout fixed at the base of the wire legs.

For tall trees, you can use the fruit collector design shown in Figure 53 b position 2. This device for collecting fruits is made with a special wire ring puller with a diameter of 2-3 millimeters. The cutting edge of this ring needs to be sharpened.

The figure (53 in position 1) shows a more complex device. This structure is made of spring-bent wire that is attached to a telescopic rod. The length of the bar can be changed depending on the height of the fruit tree and the fruits growing on it. The disadvantage of this collection is that the fruit has to be taken out by hand every time. Therefore, the following device for collecting fruits (fig. 53 position 2) somewhat more convenient. It is equipped with a fruit receiver, which can be made from old nylon stockings. The cut fruit is carefully rolled into the receiver and remains intact.

The fruit picker (Figure 53 position 3) is equipped with movable and fixed knives. The first knife is connected to the rod in the form of a pipe-hose, which can move up and down. When moving down, the movable knife cuts off the stalk, and the apple rolls into the puller. In this case, the fruit does not beat, since together with the movement of the handle, the fruit line is tightened by a thin cord, which is tied to the upper end of the handle. To release the apple, you need to lift the handle up and take it out with your hands.

To facilitate the collection of fruits, you can even use a modernized conventional basket (Figure 53 g). Collecting them in the basket is naturally much more convenient.

Homemade Fruit Removal DevicesSelf-made devices of fruit collectorsPicking apples

The use of such self-made structures and devices for collecting fruits allows you to significantly facilitate and simplify the collection of fruits.

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