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Stretching exercises for the active aging

Stretching exercisesA sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect your health. Stretching exercises are what you need! They will help you feel better and reduce the risk of injury. Stretching exercises help to ensure that the natural amplitude of the joint does not decrease with age. This is especially true in our age of inactivity, when people work and rest mostly in a sitting position. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of muscle imbalance, and it affects the body in the same way that a curved wheel affects Cycling. Continue reading

Yoga instead of medicine. Benefits and harms of therapeutic asanas

Therapeutic yogaWith the help of yoga, you can not only develop flexibility and learn to relax. This Indian practice is also saves you from many diseases. Some yoga asanas can easily replace your medication. It is proved that with regular yoga classes, it improves blood circulation, relieves back pain, makes the spine and joints more flexible, relieves headaches, provides a painless course of menstruation and reduces the level of stress hormones in the body. Continue reading

Exercises for the neck. How to get rid of neck pain

Exercises for the neckMost often it is the muscles of the neck are more likely to suffer from a sedentary lifestyle. To correct this situation, add a few neck exercises to your daily routine. The whole set of exercises will take you no more than ten minutes, but the effect will undoubtedly please – ease and mobility in the neck, no heaviness in the head and headaches, a toned chin and a healthy complexion. Continue reading

How do I train my child to exercise? Get ready to charge!

Teach your child to chargeHealthy habits and good sports form, laid down from childhood , are a great gift for children. Give it the right way, with your example and healthy interest in active life. Yes, it sounds easy in words, but in fact it turns out, as always, not so easy. Lack of free time for adults, resistance in the form of laziness and apathy on the part of children, and most importantly – a lack of understanding: where to start and how to approach Continue reading