How to build a water corner or pool on a garden plot

water cornerMany people like to relax by the river or pond, especially when the weather is hot. But not every owner of a dacha plot has it on the shore of a lake or river. It’s upsetting, but not fatal. After all, if you want, you can organize a water corner on any even the smallest site. A full-fledged swimming pool can also be built, but it is quite expensive, time-consuming and not every gardener can afford it. You can follow the path of minimalism. That is, to build a small decorative pool, pleasing to the eye.
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A safe way to deal with the Colorado potato beetle

fighting the Colorado potato beetleIn almost all regions of Russia, the Colorado potato beetle, which is the worst enemy of potatoes, is rampant in every summer season. Gardeners have to spray potatoes with insecticides several times during the summer. Some summer residents are afraid to process potatoes with chemical means and collect the larvae and the Colorado beetle itself manually. If there are a lot of them, and a potato field rather big, then this procedure turns into a hell of a job. Continue reading

Steam bath instead of cosmetologist. Steaming by the rules

Steam bathThe steam room in the bath can completely replace some of the services of a cosmetologist! Since ancient times, the bath has been considered a place where a woman can prolong and restore her health and beauty. Well, in order for the steam room to bring only one benefit and nothing but benefit, it is necessary to steam in stages using well-known rules (which unfortunately many lovers and lovers of steam rooms do not always observe). Continue reading

A good night’s sleep without sleeping pills. How to fall asleep correctly

Sleep without sleeping pillsSleeping pills are a radical way to combat insomnia, which is best used as rarely as possible. You can get a healthy sleep without medication. During sleep, the balance of hormones in the human body is restored, muscles relax, the skin regenerates, the information received is processed by the brain and sent for storage. In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, we feel refreshed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Continue reading

Recommendations for maintaining good health during seasonal changes in the seasons

Seasonal recommendationsTo maintain good health throughout the year, you must follow the recommendations of maintaining good health and live in complete harmony with natural cycles, each time adjusting to changes in the environment by choosing the right food, the number and type of exercise, seasonal clothing, and so on. The tips on this page will help you Continue reading

How to save yourself from weeds on the infield paths

Getting rid of weeds on the pathsMany summer residents are wondering: how to get rid of weeds on garden paths or paths between beds. Of course, vegetable beds can not be spilled from weeds with strong solutions, but they are simply irreplaceable on paths. Experienced owners of cottages advise several options for getting rid of weeds on the paths. All of them work perfectly to one degree or another – the main thing is to treat weeds in the early morning. Continue reading