New lampshade on the old frame. Home-made crafts

A new lampshadeA worn-out old lampshade can be given a second life by making a completely new lampshade out of it! If you strip the rest of the fabric from it, there’s only one frame left. And only your imagination will determine what new clothes you will put on it. You can use anything up to production waste. For example, if you still have Wallpaper clippings after the repair, then they can be used as a new lampshade. This is easy to do. You need to fix them on the frame with glue (you can even use a stapler) and you will get a new lampshade. If the Wallpaper is plain, and you want the lampshade to look a little “more fun”, then you can simply paint them with watercolors, gouache or paste pieces of border. The only drawback of such a product is that the lampshade turns out to be “disposable”. It is not possible to clean or wipe it.

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How to make a new lampshade using the frame of the old one

Well, if you still want your light bulb to be displayed in a new outfit for a longer time, then you will have to use more practical materials. For example, the remnants of self-adhesive film and beads of costume jewelry will be an excellent option for such an updated lampshade, which will look great in your bedroom.

The film should be cut in “waves” and carefully glued to the frame. Leave space between the strips for attaching the beads. To prevent the adhesive inner side of the film from becoming a dust collector, it must be sealed with ordinary cellophane, cutting off the excess with scissors.

Now we put beads on the fishing line, and best of all transparent glass beads-beads – they will shimmer very beautifully in the light of a light bulb, playing with colorful reflections.

Now these garlands of beads need to be tied between strips of film and here you have a new lampshade again!

Agree, so you can update a much-needed thing for the house indefinitely and do not need to spend money on buying new lampshades.

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