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How to choose a rabbit for motherhood

Choosing a rabbitMany rabbit breeders have to deal with the fact that after giving birth, the female rabbit throws her baby rabbits. One of the most common reasons for this behavior is the state of hunting. A rabbit can enter it as early as the next day after OKROL, especially for young mothers. They become agitated, scatter food, spill water, and may eat the babies or throw them out of the nest. In this situation, you need to take her to the male. Continue reading

A simple pigsty for piglets. How to keep pigs properly

Pigsty. Feedlot planAt home, pigs are usually kept in closed rooms, the construction of which is not cheap. And for animals, this way of life is not very useful. Experienced breeders offer to keep animals on a feedlot consisting of closed and open parts. Such a pigsty has been successfully used by many pig farmers for many years. Pigs that are in the fresh air, heat and cold are tolerated completely calmly, temperature differences do not affect their growth and weight gain. Continue reading

How to properly salt the fat. Method of preserving meat and bones

fatToday we will continue our conversation about processing pork, which includes not only meat and fat, but also bones and blood. Earlier we talked about Smoking, and now we will talk about salting and canning. In this animal, almost everything can be used for processing: from the Nickel to the legs and tail. Even the guts are used as a film for making sausage, but this is for an Amateur.
Usually the intestines are just fed to dogs, which is also not bad. Continue reading