How to start developing a child’s intelligence from the cradle

intelligence from the cradleIf you want your child to have a developed intelligence, start doing it right now. After all, it is from birth to three years of age that parents have a real chance to support the baby’s natural craving for knowledge. You will be able at this age to lay the child’s interest in learning and grow a truly outstanding person. Start teaching your baby to read right from the cradle.

How to teach a baby to read. Developing intelligence

The child must not only learn to speak, but at the same time start learning to read. And this is actually quite easy to do. You will spend only one minute on one activity with your baby.

Remember how at school we were taught to make the word “mom” out of letters, teaching us to think as slowly as to speak. Such training often turned into a real torment for the child. Uninteresting and boring. To date, a whole technique has been developed specifically for kids, which gives amazing results in teaching a child to read early. But the most important thing is to practice this method fun and interesting.

Mom and her baby are reading a leaflet book. After that, the child begins to play, hug, caress and praise for correctly recognized pictures, letters, words. And so three times a day. Such classes turn into an exciting game and give joy to both mother and baby.

This training system operates on three channels of information perception at once.

Visual images thanks to bright pictures in the book,
Auditory perception of my mother’s voice;
Game exercises that develop the child’s motor skills.

As a result, the baby begins to develop comprehensively and his brain will be able to assimilate much more information than with normal upbringing.

A person who has learned to read at a very early age will always be interested and easy to learn new information, and this is what allows you to achieve the greatest success in life. You will be proud of your son or daughter and naturally of yourself. Because it was you who paid due, and most importantly the right attention to your children.

You can buy educational kits such as “Primer from diapers” and “Reading from diapers”. If you follow all the recommendations, your child will be able to read the text fluently after twelve months of classes.

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