Indoor plants-healers. Why do I need to grow house plants


Some call indoor plants dust collectors, others raise them to the rank of natural healers. One thing is obvious: plants give strength and energy, but be very picky about choosing green friends. Most people plant indoor plants for beauty. However, in addition to this, they can serve
good service! For example, to improve health and help in the fight against certain diseases.

Five reasons to have indoor plants

1. they make it easier to breathe. It is known from school botany lessons that when we inhale, we consume oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite: when they “exhale” they fill the room with oxygen, and when they “inhale”they take carbon dioxide.

2. Plants create a pleasant microclimate. Water plants absorb through the roots, and evaporate through the leaves, which increases the humidity in the room. Humid air is not tolerated by microbes, viruses, and harmful bacteria, which means that the risk of catching a cold or sore throat is significantly reduced.

3. Flowers are natural purifiers. The NASA space Agency found out that many plants take not only carbon dioxide, but also a lot of toxic impurities and elements that are harmful to humans. It is officially recommended to place 1 plant for every 9-10 sq. m. for air improvement.

4. They relieve fatigue. Studies have shown that if there are green areas in medical institutions, patients feel better: fatigue disappears, pressure decreases, and pain is easier to bear. And if you take care of the plants, the recovery is accelerated.

5. when a person is near indoor flowers, their long-term memory improves by 20%. Home plants help you concentrate, remember and learn new information faster.




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