How to weave a simple basket of willow twigs yourself

Wicker basketIf you are a patient and diligent person, then it will not be difficult to weave a simple basket yourself for a trip to the forest for mushrooms. One of the main conditions for successful work is the correct preparation of willow vines. To make a medium-sized basket, you will need to prepare about 150-160 thin and straight willow rods. Harvesting vines for basket weaving
they usually start training in August. If you prepare willow rods at other times, you will need additional processing. At the end of the summer, you can start weaving a basket immediately after you cut the willow.

Start to weave a simple basket

In addition to willow twigs, you will also need two rods of cherry about the thickness of your little finger. We will bend a long rod in the form of an ellipse, cut its ends diagonally and connect them together with a copper wire. Thus, we will have a Hoop that will be the basis of our future basket. We will leave the second cherry-tree rod (shorter) for making the overweight.

Next, you need to cut the half-thick ends of willow rods. Then press the strapped end of the rod to the Hoop, wrap it around it and around its axis. If you have ever wove a Daisy chain, you will quickly understand what we are talking about. The principle is the same. Then we make four turns along the course of the Hoop to the right. The end that remains after wrapping, you need to clamp the next rod. So we weave until the entire Hoop is covered with racks of thick rods like ribs. This way we will have a basket frame. To prevent the frame posts from sticking out in different directions, tie their ends in a bundle with wire.

Now we need to start weaving the rest of the rods into the frame posts, like weaving branches into the stakes of a wicker fence. At the same time, it is necessary to seal the bars with light blows of the hammer handle. Thus, we weave the basket to the bottom. Then the racks are wrapped at right angles to each other and cut off. When cutting racks, you need to leave a small margin at the ends, which are then hidden in the gaps.

The base of the bottom of the basket is intertwined with thin willow rods. All protruding outside and inside tips are cut off with a knife.

Now we just need to make the overweight (basket handle). To do this, bend the previously prepared short rod of cherry into an arc and sharpen its ends. With these sharp ends, we cut the arc into the “braid” in the middle of the basket. Next, screw-like we braid the arc with four vines each time, winding them behind the Hoop (for the fortress). At the base, we make two wire bandages.

Bottom of the basketWe weave the bottom of the basketBundle the ends of the basketПлетем простую корзинуКорпус плетеной корзиныВтыкаем дугу рукояти в корзинуОплетаем рукоятьвторой слой оплетки рукоятиПлетеные корзины

That’s all. A little perseverance and we made a wonderful wicker basket, which is very convenient to go to the forest for mushrooms.

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