How to save yourself from weeds on the infield paths

Getting rid of weeds on the pathsMany summer residents are wondering: how to get rid of weeds on garden paths or paths between beds. Of course, vegetable beds can not be spilled from weeds with strong solutions, but they are simply irreplaceable on paths. Experienced owners of cottages advise several options for getting rid of weeds on the paths. All of them work perfectly to one degree or another – the main thing is to treat weeds in the early morning.

Solutions for weeds

If your paths are covered with tiles, then in order to destroy weeds that have broken through the seams, you can pour them with a solution of salt in the ratio of two tablespoons of salt per liter of water.

Also, most weeds die if they are doused with boiling water, but not with plain water, but with a boiled solution: two tablespoons of salt and ten tablespoons of 9% vinegar are added to one liter of water. After a couple of days, the weed will start to wither and it will not be for at least two weeks.

If your paths are affected by moss, then you can get rid of it by spilling a solution of table vinegar between the tile seams in a ratio of 1:1.

From many weeds, as well as ants, a solution of borax in the ratio of three hundred grams of borax per ten liters of water will be quite effective.

Well, if you just started laying tracks on your site, then do them as follows. First remove the turf, then sprinkle with sand and cover with plastic and only then lay the tile. No weed can break through such a “pie”.

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