How to properly salt the fat. Method of preserving meat and bones

fatToday we will continue our conversation about processing pork, which includes not only meat and fat, but also bones and blood. Earlier we talked about Smoking, and now we will talk about salting and canning. In this animal, almost everything can be used for processing: from the Nickel to the legs and tail. Even the guts are used as a film for making sausage, but this is for an Amateur.
Usually the intestines are just fed to dogs, which is also not bad.

How to salt lard

After you kill the Piglet, the fat removed from it in strips should be allowed to cool a little, and then cut into square pieces. After that, the fat is sprinkled with salt and put in a clean linen bag and left in the room for 3-4 days so that it is saturated with salt and the brine escapes from it. Next, the fat is cut into smaller pieces, once again sprinkled with dry salt and tightly Packed in dry sterile jars, which are rolled up with tin sterile lids. At the same time, you never need to spare salt, because the fat will never absorb excess, and dried in banks will be stored in the cellar for at least two years.

How to preserve meat

Pig meat is cut into pieces and then salted (750-800 g per 10 kg of meat). Then you need to mix it well and keep it for at least 12 hours. Next, the meat must be thoroughly mixed every 2-3 hours, and then tightly, so that there are no voids, put it in sterile jars (without brine) and roll them up with tin lids. Such canned food can also be stored for up to two years. The secret is that the meat is thoroughly salted in 12 hours, becomes heavier, fits more tightly in the Bank and without access to air in the cellar is much longer.

Meat then of course have to be soaked. It makes excellent cutlets, dumplings, and anything else. The taste is a little different from fresh.

How to marinate pork bones

Bones with the remains of meat are cut into pieces and placed in enameled dishes. Then the brine is cooked. For 8 liters of water, add two kilograms of salt, as well as Bay leaves and allspice. All this is boiled, cooled and poured into pans with bones. On top of the pan cover with a smaller lid and put the pressure. If the brine turns red after five days, then you need to cook a new one and repeat the filling procedure (previously draining the old brine).

How to make black pudding

By the way, the blood from a pig can not be thrown away, and cook sausage from it. This is done as follows. Slices of fat are fried, the rind is removed,and the remaining fat is fried onions until Golden. Then half a Cup of milk or sour cream, a little baking soda and salt are added to the liquid (without lumps) blood. All this should be well shaken and poured into the pan. Put the pan on the fire and stir continuously until the liquid evaporates. The dish is very soft and delicious.

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