How to properly dry mushrooms for the winter. Methods of drying mushrooms

To dry mushroomsOne of the best ways to harvest mushrooms for the winter, of course, is to dry them. Moreover, drying mushrooms is much preferable to marinating them in terms of benefits and taste. When the weather is hot, drying the mushrooms is not a problem. You just need to stock up on a long thread and a yoke needle. With a needle, we pierce the mushroom and thread them one by one, like beads
on the necklace. Then you can hang these garlands in the sun along the walls of the house, shed, bath, which in hot weather are very well heated, which helps to accelerate the drying of mushrooms.

But it is best to dry the mushrooms in a Russian clay oven, spreading them out on iron baking sheets and covering them with rye straw. At least five baskets can be dried at a time.

How to dry mushrooms in a city apartment

In urban conditions, drying mushrooms is not very comfortable, but you can also adapt by using some homemade devices. One of these devices is a wire spoke with a ring at one end. The second end needs to be sharpened. The spokes can be made from an old Bicycle wheel or long knitting needles. We string the mushrooms on improvised skewers and put them in a clay pot – you can for flowers – like a bouquet of flowers. Then we put all this in the oven (several pots will be included). The gas oven must be kept on the slowest fire and slightly ajar. Plug the gap with a wet cloth. This is done so that the mushrooms do not burn.

Homemade mushroom dryer from tin cans

You can dry mushrooms using a homemade dryer made from several empty cans of herring. The device is assembled as follows. At one Bank we leave the bottom, and at the others we cut it out. Let’s say you have one can with a bottom and three bottomless. In all banks, we make holes in order to insert metal spokes into them. On these spokes will be used to separate the mushrooms. Banks are installed on top of each other.

Dryer for mushrooms

With this method, mushrooms can be dried anywhere, even over a fire, even over a stove, or over a gas burner. Naturally, the Bank with the bottom is installed at the bottom. It takes away excess heat and serves as a heat carrier. The spokes should be rotated regularly around the axis when drying.

You can dry almost any mushrooms. Not only boroviki, podosinoviki and obabki, but those mushrooms that are not intended for drying in principle, such as morels, zelenushki, openki, chanterelles, govorushki, syroezhki, mushrooms, raincoats, etc.

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