How to make a smokehouse for meat products at home

Homemade smokehouse from an iron boxHome smokehouse-a thing necessary mainly for rural residents who keep their own livestock for slaughter. Although many summer residents who go on vacation from their city apartments, also do not mind to indulge in sausages and hams of their own cooking. As they say – at least you know what you’re making of. A homemade smokehouse in a rural house is easy to make. We will consider two simplest ones method of making a smokehouse.

We make a metal smokehouse-the first method

This home smokehouse consists of an iron box the size of which is approximately 110 X 60 X 60. The top and bottom of the box is open, and inside it at a height of 7-10 cm from the bottom, it is necessary to weld metal corners or rods intended for installing a pallet on them. Between the edges of the pallet and the walls of the box, you need to leave a gap through which the flue gases will pass into the Smoking chamber.

At the top of the opposite walls of the box are screwed (welded) segments of corners. On these corners are placed metal rods, which will hang products intended for Smoking. Stainless steel hooks are usually used for this purpose. Hooks must be made at least 10 mm thick. On thinner hooks, the meat will break through. You can also use thick twine in several strands for hanging products.

Homemade smokehouse from an iron box

1-brickwork of the firebox; 2-a metal box or cylinder; 3-corners; 4-a rod with hooks; 5-meat products; 6-a blanket made of burlap; 7-a pallet; 8-a grate; 9-firewood in the firebox.

The metal box of the smokehouse is installed on bricks, and it is covered with a steel sheet or matting on top. With the help of these coverages will be governed by the pull of smoke in a smoke chamber. The fire is built between the bricks under the box.

How to make an underground smokehouse

If there is enough space on your HOMESTEAD, you can build an underground smokehouse, which is a furnace and a chimney dug in the ground. At the end of the chimney arrange a stone or brick masonry, which is placed on a metal barrel without a bottom or the same metal box corresponding to the size of the chimney. The barrel (box) will play the role of a Smoking chamber.

At the bottom of the barrel is attached a mesh designed to filter smoke and prevent the fall of products on the coals, if the suspension suddenly breaks.

From above, the Smoking chamber is covered with burlap, matting, a wooden shield or metal sheet. Which, as mentioned above, are designed to regulate the smoke draft.

Underground smokehouse for meat

1-firebox; 2-burning wood; 3-chimney; 4-brickwork; 5-grate (metal sieve); 6 – wooden or metal box (barrel) without a bottom; 7 – meat semi – finished products suspended for Smoking; 8 – metal rods with hooks; 9 – sacking blanket; 10-firebox door.

Inside the barrel, metal rods or lengths of pipes are also attached, which will hang meat products prepared for Smoking.

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