How to make a multi-purpose cart for work on the infield


To run a household in your own home or on a dacha, you must have at least a set of small-scale mechanization tools for various purposes. But if you want, you can simplify everything and make a multi-purpose cart, on the base of which you can hang the most necessary tools and mechanisms for work. This multi-purpose cart will make it much easier your work on the plot of land.

Multi-purpose trolley design

Such a cart has the following design: semicircular sidewalls (1), cross connecting pipes (2), detachable handle (3).

The semicircular sidewall consists of two pipes bent around the circumference, which are connected at the ends by bushings (5). Bushings can be made from pipe scraps. These bushings are connected by metal corners (6). The main bushings (5) are welded to the guide bushings (7) which are intended for mounting supports and support wheels.

At the bottom of the semicircular sides are welded forks (4) like Bicycle. Forks easily allow you to remove and put on the wheels along with the axles. Depending on what the cart will be used for, you can put wheels from a Bicycle, moped or motorcycle.

Multifunctional trolley

Also, this design of a multi-purpose trolley is equipped with a lifting device for transporting a wide variety of goods.

The lifting device is a pipe (1) to which four brackets (2) are welded. At the top, these brackets are connected in pairs by a removable axis (3). At one end of the pipe, a lever (4) is also welded (at an angle of 120 degrees to the bracket).

Lifting device for a multi-purpose trolley

If necessary, this lifting device pipe is fitted to the cross-connecting pipes of the multi-purpose trolley.

Holes are drilled in the sides of the cart, cross pipes and longitudinal corners, which will be intended for hanging various devices and devices on the cart.

All movable joints must be secured with pins. Depending on the cargo being transported and the work being performed, several different flexible and rigid hooks can be made for the trolley, which are attached to the axes of the lifting device brackets or immediately to the cross pipes of the multi – purpose trolley or to its longitudinal corners.

Before starting any work, the pins that fix the width of the cart track are removed, then the width required for a particular type of work is set, and the wheels are again fixed in the desired position.

The multi-purpose cart can be used to transport a variety of boxes of potatoes, vegetables and fruits on the plot of land. To facilitate the lifting of boxes and their transportation, grabs consisting of four steel rods (or pipes) that are bent at right angles on one side and in the form of a hook on the other (for hanging on the brackets of the lifting device) are used.

Loading on a multi-purpose cart

To lift the box (see Fig.), the cart must be installed so that its wheels roll behind the side walls of the box. Then, using the levers, the brackets are lowered to the lower position. The curved ends of the bracket grips are wound under the box, then the bracket levers return to their original position and are secured.

In General, such a multi-purpose cart can be used for a variety of jobs, which we will discuss later in the following articles.

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