How to make a home smokehouse on a dacha plot

простую домашнюю коптильнюThe home smokehouse presented on this page is easy to make on any dacha plot. It consists of a furnace, a blowhole and a Smoking chamber. The length and height of the furnace is four bricks, and the width is one brick. The fan was made two bricks high. The furnace is separated from the blower by a metal sheet with holes, and the top is covered with the same sheet with a burner, so that you can heat the water for household needs. The Smoking chamber itself is placed on a circular stone Foundation and is an ordinary iron barrel with a cut-out bottom. Inside it, a wooden barrel is also installed without a bottom, and the gap between it and the barrel is filled with clay solution. If you make a home smokehouse of this design, it loses much less heat. During Smoking, the chamber is covered with a clean tarpaulin, and a wooden lid is placed on top. This “soft” cover can regulate the flow of smoke that freely escapes between the tarpaulin and the walls of the chamber.

простую домашнюю коптильню

1-blowpipe; 2-perforated metal plate; 3-firebox; 4-metal sheet; 5-flap; 6-metal barrel; 7-wooden barrel; 8-tarpaulin; 9-wooden lid; 10 – pieces of fat; 11-pallet; 12-Foundation

Pieces of fresh fat (or other meat product) about 20×7 cm in size are put in a solution of salt with spices for 3-4 days. Then they are hung on wire hooks. The pieces must not touch each other.

Sometimes the flame may suddenly escape from the furnace into the chamber, and then the product may burn. To prevent this from happening, separate the furnace from the chamber with a metal flap.

Only dried branches of Apple, pear, cherry, plum and cherry trees are used for firewood when Smoking. But you also need to add branches of the same trees with green leaves.

So, light the firebox. On the fire immediately put a few twigs with leaves, from them comes a wonderful aroma. With heat and smoke, it gets into the Smoking chamber, where the air is heated to 90-95 degrees Celsius. The smoke escapes freely from under the slightly open tarpaulin, and the chamber itself is filled with heat. The intensity of smoke you can monitor the burning of wood and green branches, not allowing the fire to throw in the camera. If this happens, the flame immediately needs to be covered with a bunch of green branches.

In this mode, the fat is smoked for about two hours. During this time, it is checked several times how its color changes – from pale yellow to brown with a dark cherry crust. The fat from the pieces of fat flows into a metal plate.

An hour and a half after the start of Smoking, the lid of the chamber must be opened and the fat removed for inspection. If the product is not ready yet, then send it for”revision”. The volume of my Smoking chamber allows you to smoke 3-4 kg of fat at a time.

Author: Andrey Kondakov

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