How to make a furnace from a bourgeois stove

Oven for the gardenHeating your own home (cottage) is the primary concern of any resident of the countryside. Someone if possible conducts gas heating, someone puts electric boilers, well, some still use the good old air-heating stoves. In some homes, there are still “Russian stoves” that heat the room very well, but they are too bulky and voracious. For small houses as a heating center, the so – called “burzhuyki” – metal stoves may well be suitable. But their disadvantage is that, although such stoves heat the room quite quickly, they also quickly cool down without maintaining heat. Simply put, you need to constantly heat them.

Increase the heat capacity of the ” bourgeoisie”

Although there is a way to increase the heat capacity of the “bourgeoisie”. This will help us brick, which we will cover the metal stove. For masonry, it is best to use a red full-bodied brick. You will also need a clay-sand solution. If the clay is greasy, take two volumes of sand, if skinny, then one. Although by and large now any construction store sells ready-made clay-sand mixtures.

Bricklaying should start from the inside as far as the dimensions of the fuel chamber allow. The width of the furnace should be equal to or slightly wider than the furnace door, and the height should be higher, as shown in the figure.

Oven for the garden

1-floor; 2 – podtopochny sheet; 3 – “burzhuyka”; 4-the first row of internal masonry; 5-metal strip; 6-7-vault; 8 – bricks of external masonry; 9-seams; 10 – cover; 11 – pan.

The gaps between the bricks and the furnace wall must be filled with clay solution. Bricks for the vault should be chosen without cracks. After finishing the masonry, RUB the surface of the brick “shirt” with a wet cloth.

The upper row of external masonry is best displayed above the “bourgeoisie” forming an oven, which is closed with a lid. As a lid, you can use a metal basin or a large frying pan (if you have a welding machine, you can weld the lid yourself). As a result of these simple manipulations, you will get a simple furnace that will not only keep the heat in the house well, but also allow you to cook dishes like in a “Russian oven”.

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