How to make a compost pit on a garden plot

Making a compost pitOn any garden plot usually accumulates quite a lot of different organic waste. These are grass, leaves, bones, feathers, straw, sawdust, rags, and remnants of food. They need to build a compost pit. Also, inorganic waste can accumulate: canned beams, plastic bottles and packaging, glass products, ceramics, etc. Organic waste
when composting them, they are converted into fertilizers, which, if used correctly, significantly increase the fertility of the land.

Making a compost pit

Storage of compost must be organized on a special site, which will be located at a considerable distance from the residential building, in order to avoid unpleasant odors. To do this, you need to dig a hole of 100 X 100 (150 X 150) cm and a depth of 40-50 cm in the chosen place, after removing the fertile layer. The floor and walls of the compost pit are stamped with crushed clay. The thickness of the clay castle layer should be about 15-20 centimeters. This must be done so that the moisture remains in the pit, and does not go into the ground. Compost will need to be periodically watered with water to make it rot faster. Inside the compost pit, cover with wooden boards. The whole place for composting organic waste is ready. It is not recommended to make a compost pit too deep. It will be too difficult to mix its contents, and take out the ready-made fertilizer. The figure below shows the design of the compost pit with the necessary explanations.

Compost pit

1-a clay castle; 2-piles-supports; 3-a fence made of boards; 4 – a drainage ditch; 5 – a layer of peat; 6-a layer of earth (peat) and composting components

Making a garbage pit for inorganic waste

Inorganic waste also needs to be stored somewhere. To do this, you need to dig another hole on the site, this time a garbage one. This pit can be of any size. Unlike a compost pit, the walls of a garbage pit do not have to be waterproofing. You only need to cover them with wooden boards to prevent spontaneous shedding of the soil. On top of the pit, make an overlap of boards, in the middle of which a hatch is equipped with a size of 30X30 centimeters with a tightly fitting lid, so that the smell of garbage does not reach your sense of smell. You can make the floor of the garbage pit removable. Sooner or later the hole will be filled with waste to capacity and you will have to hire a car in order to release it. However, this will not be for sure soon, since it is unlikely that you will accumulate so many cans, plastic and broken glass on the garden plot even in ten years. After all, most people use garden gardens for growing vegetables and fruits, not for weekly picnics.

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