How to make a collapsible barbecue with your own hands. Scheme and dimensions of the kebab shop

Homemade barbecueIn the summer, many summer residents are happy to work on their plots, cultivating beds, berry bushes and fruit trees. But for all its employment, the owner of the site should not forget about the rest. And the best rest is a rest in the fresh air. And, of course, always by the fire, from which there is an amazing smell of fried meat. But to cook a shish kebab, you must first make a shish kebab for it.

We make a simple shish kebab

The simplest designs of skewers can be made by any summer resident who has basic skills of working with a welding machine, a file and a grinder. Cheap barbecues made of thin sheet steel sold on the market are not reliable and quickly fall into disrepair. And higher-quality products made of thick iron are quite expensive. Therefore, it is best to make a device for frying shish kebabs on your own. You probably have a storeroom as an economic person, in which there are remnants of building materials, including metal.

The skewer is made of two steel sheets with a size of 200×200 mm. It is advisable to choose thick sheets. On one side of each sheet, we weld two steel pins. You can sharpen pieces of rebar on sandpaper. On top of the sheet, you need to cut out the grooves for skewers with a grinder.

We make a collapsible barbecue

Such a collapsible barbecue is convenient to take with you to nature. It can be adapted near any fire by simply sticking the sheets on the sides into the ground.
Homemade barbecue

By the way, in nature, you can fry not only shish kebabs from meat. If you are near the river and came to fishing, then in addition to fish soup, you can fry fish pieces threaded on a skewer. Or wander, for an hour in the forest, and collect mushrooms. Mushrooms are also perfectly cooked on the fire. But back to work.

If you did not find thick metal sheets, but there is a thin iron, then you can try to make a second version of the barbecue. Here we will come to the aid of metal scissors, a hammer and the ability to rivet. Below you can see the dimensions and general appearance of such a product.

Sheet iron skewer

The simplest barbecues can also be made using old washing machines, dicky car wheels, metal buckets, tanks, etc. The main thing is to turn on a little imagination and roll up your sleeves.

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