How to lose weight without a diet: ten Golden rules

lose weightRepresentatives of medicine believe that torturing yourself with diets in order to lose weight is harmful. It is much more effective to slightly adjust the diet and adhere to simple rules. Diet is always stressful for the body. And besides, after a long fast, the weight returns quite quickly. And the saddest thing is that you risk weighing even more than before the diet. Experts suggest that we forget about the diet
“water with lemon and two crusts of bread” and lose weight without harm to health. Where to start?

To lose weight, drink a glass of water before eating

This is the Golden rule of slimness, which helps to maintain the water-salt balance in the body. Drink a glass of clean water 15 minutes before eating. By the way, thanks to this, the amount of food consumed will significantly decrease.

Take small breaks between meals

Long breaks between meals increase appetite, which causes us to eat too much and eventually causes weight gain. Therefore, make it a rule to keep a healthy snack on hand-fruits, vegetables, nuts or a piece of wholegrain bread with low-fat meat. Try to eat at the same time so that your metabolism works like clockwork.

Don’t drink tea after lunch

The liquid drunk after a meal dilutes gastric juice, and in less concentrated form it breaks down food worse. This means that the digestion process is not high-quality, there is more chance for fat deposition. If you want to drink a Cup of tea-do it before eating. And it is desirable that the drink was sugar-free.

Get enough sleep to lose weight

It is proved that lack of sleep provokes an increase in appetite. A person tends to eat up lack of sleep with various caloric products. Each such breakdown leads to a set of extra pounds. Doctors advise you to go to bed no later than 23.00 – it is known that from this time until 6 am, the brain fully rests.

Replace harmful products with similar but useful ones

We all have eating habits, many of which are not always correct. Outwit the body: gradually replace harmful products with more useful analogues. So you can easily refuse food, without which you can not imagine life yet. For example, replace mashed potatoes with mashed potatoes, but with valuable cabbage, sour cream with Greek yogurt, ketchup with fresh chopped tomatoes, and so on.

Avocado and more-for a snack

Pineapple or papaya will cost you less than chocolate bars and cookies. And that’s all, because it’s not easy to eat a pineapple in one sitting. This pleasure can be extended for several days. By the way, the health benefits of such a replacement are significant – the breakdown of proteins from meat, milk and legumes is accelerated at times. All thanks to enzymes (bromelain and papain), which facilitate digestion.

Pay attention to the avocado. This fruit is full of healthy fats and helps to get rid of hunger for a long time. And thanks to potassium, which is 30% more in avocado than in banana, puffiness is removed and excess sodium is removed from the body.

To lose weight, eat spinach

A glass of spinach has 5 times fewer calories than the same amount of brown rice (also, by the way, a dietary product). Therefore, spinach is a godsend for those who want to lose weight. It saturates without extra calories. In addition, this culture is a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, add spinach to the salad, eat as an independent side dish to a steamed chicken cutlet-spinach is good everywhere, even in combination with strawberries.

Give up refined sugar

Refined sugar has been shown to leave you feeling hungry faster. After a sweet, soon again pulls a snack. That’s why you should replace it with fruit and milk, which contain natural sugar, fiber and protein. When buying products, pay attention to the label! Refined sugar is not your ingredient.

Wholegrain bread won’t help you lose weight!

Much has been said about the benefits of bread with bran, whole-grain and rye flour baking. Yes, they contain more dietary fiber than wheat bakery products. But carbohydrates and oil are plentiful. Therefore, if you lose weight, limit all types of bread in your diet.

Chocolate will benefit those who want to lose weight

It’s a nice bonus for the rejection of the sweet. A couple of squares of dark chocolate a day will only benefit your body. After all, real bitter chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa beans is a source of antioxidants and minerals. In addition, it is also an antidepressant. So include it in your diet.

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