How to legally save on utility bills

how to save money on paymentsUtility bills are forecast to rise again in early 2019. In order not to be in the red, you should already think about how to save on bills for light and water. These are simple and practical tips that together will help you save significantly on utility bills.

Buy an aerator to save water

The aerator is a special nozzle on the tap. The principle of its operation is that air is mixed with the incoming water. Thus, the consumption of water itself is reduced by 30%! By the way, you can also save money on the aerator if you buy it in an online store.

To save electricity, you need to put the refrigerator away from the stove

The refrigerator consumes more energy if it is near a heat source. They can be a stove, a battery, or even a window from which sunlight pours. In this case, the refrigerator has to spend more energy for cooling. Put it in a dark, cool place.

Install the separate flush button in the toilet

See what the flush button on your toilet tank looks like. If it is one, urgently buy another device with a separate drain. In this case, you will see two buttons – a larger one and a smaller one. Press the big one – the water from the tank is poured out completely. Small-half.

Disable unnecessary electrical appliances to save money

Disable everything you don’t need. If the TV is plugged in but doesn’t work, it still consumes power. Even at the very least. Walk around the house and turn off devices that are in sleep mode.

Make friends with the vacuum cleaner

When the dust bag is empty, the vacuum cleaner uses less electricity to clean. Also, try to turn it on at the beginning of cleaning and turn it off at the end. Constant on-offs waste extra energy.

Stop to iron the Laundry

An iron is one of the most voracious household appliances. If you are one of those who iron even towels, think about whether they are worth it.

Wash clothes in cold water – save on hot water

In the washing machine, you can select the washing temperature. It is believed that the higher it is, the better things are washed. But this is not true! Modern powders can remove stains even in cold water. So do not force the machine to heat the water, wasting energy. In most cases, washing at 30-40 degrees is sufficient.

Energy-saving light bulbs

These light bulbs are, of course, many times more expensive than usual, but they consume ten times less energy! They will pay off in just a month.

Check your appliances

Pay attention to the energy efficiency of household appliances: it is marked with Latin letters. The best option is a class a technique, the worst-G.

Learn how to use the electric stove correctly

If you have an electric stove, keep in mind: it keeps you warm for a long time! This means that you can turn it off much earlier than the gas one. And still the dish will continue to cook.

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