How to dress for a hike in the forest. Tips for an avid mushroom picker

For a hike in the forestFor a successful and comfortable hike in the forest, you need to dress correctly. The mushroom picker can easily get caught in the rain and therefore his clothes should take into account this unpleasant nuance. Do not be lazy to take clothes that can cover you from the pouring rain. Very good for the mushroom suitable military capes with slits for hands or shepherds cloak, soaked a special water-repellent substance, and the jacket and jackets, made of dense matter with hoods and elastic bands on the sleeves, which prevents the mites under clothes. A Cape made of cellophane film is not suitable for the forest, as it can easily be torn by catching on a tree branch or a branch of a Bush.

You can wear knee-high boots that cover your legs above the knees, but since these shoes are quite heavy, they will only be good in rainy weather. When the weather is dry and hot rubber shoes was successfully replaced with soldiers ‘ canvas boots or so-called ankle boots (the shortened army boots on).

So for a trip to the forest for mushrooms, you can also take with you an oilcloth apron, which will be very useful when you move through the tall grass, protecting your knees and chest from dew. This apron will not take up much space when rolled up, but it will protect you from unpleasant dampness. It is desirable that it was below the knees and then even if you are in short boots cold shower your feet will not be threatened. It’s best to keep your feet dry and warm… and the rest of your body, too. After all, it is very easy for a wet person to catch a cold, even if the wind is not cold.

Also, for a hike in the forest, instead of cardboard insoles, it is desirable to insert thick leather insoles into shoes. These insoles will not wrinkle and crumple and will quickly take the form of a sole. In addition, the feet with such insoles will be able to “breathe”, which will have a beneficial effect on their condition (the legs are less tired when walking).

By the way, good advice is given by taiga hunters. To keep your feet warm and not sweating, dry grass is laid in your shoes. Sedge is best for this purpose. It must be cut fresh and green, and then dried. The grass creeps into the shoes so that its fibers do not get tangled and lie in an even layer along the entire sole.

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