How to choose a rabbit for motherhood

Choosing a rabbitMany rabbit breeders have to deal with the fact that after giving birth, the female rabbit throws her baby rabbits. One of the most common reasons for this behavior is the state of hunting. A rabbit can enter it as early as the next day after OKROL, especially for young mothers. They become agitated, scatter food, spill water, and may eat the babies or throw them out of the nest. In this situation, you need to take her to the male.

After covering, she usually calms down and becomes a good mom. But if the problem persists, you will have to put the rabbits to another nursing female or feed them artificially. If the rabbit throws the baby rabbits and at the next birth, it is better not to allow it to breed at all.

This can also happen if the rabbits ‘ mammary glands harden and crack. When feeding, the animal feels pain, so it throws the babies around. In order not to develop mastitis, you need to treat it. At an early stage, you can do with a light massage and small doses of antibiotics.

A similar situation occurs if the rabbit has little milk. Rabbits suck it for a long time, which is why the female’s nipples begin to hurt. The lack of milk usually occurs in the case if during the period of Sucralose the female does not have enough vitamins and minerals. It is equally important that the cages always have fresh water or snow.

Another common reason why a female may reject a newborn offspring is the wrong arrangement of the cell (too hot or cold). And also when it does not feel safe there (too transparent walls, lack of sound insulation, dirty floor). Females need to be protected from excitement. They can be scared by loud sounds, dog barking, the presence of other animals or males, changing the bedding earlier than on the 6th day after okrola, and even an unfamiliar smell.

Besides, rabbits have pretty smart instincts. One of them requires getting rid of babies who are too weak or stillborn. If the rabbits that were thrown out of the nest are dead, and the ones that were left in it are alive and they are all right, then most likely the female has thus got rid of the non-viable offspring. But you can check the internal state of the nest only in its absence and as carefully as possible, so as not to leave a foreign smell on the rabbits.

With all of the above in the mother, it is better to choose the calmest rabbits. If the female is nervous and aggressive, there is a high chance that she will give up her offspring, despite all the efforts of the rabbit breeder.

Author: Marina Dolmatova, animal breeder with experience; magazine 1000 tips for summer residents # 12 2018

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