How to build a water corner or pool on a garden plot

water cornerMany people like to relax by the river or pond, especially when the weather is hot. But not every owner of a dacha plot has it on the shore of a lake or river. It’s upsetting, but not fatal. After all, if you want, you can organize a water corner on any even the smallest site. A full-fledged swimming pool can also be built, but it is quite expensive, time-consuming and not every gardener can afford it. You can follow the path of minimalism. That is, to build a small decorative pool, pleasing to the eye.
The mirror-like water surface will serve as a wonderful decoration for your garden plot, making it more picturesque and visually attractive. In such decorative reservoirs, you can grow quite interesting plants that live in an aquatic environment.

How to make a water corner on your site

To arrange a water corner, you must first determine the location of its location, so that it is not an obstacle, but harmoniously fits into the design of your garden plot. As rabbit reservoirs can serve as children’s plastic baths, sawn in half plastic barrels. You can dig a plastic tank into the ground and arrange its edges with concrete tiles or large river pebbles. River stones are placed on the bottom of the pool and water plants are planted in small pots or wooden boxes. This is in regards to the dwarf basins.

diagram of the pool in the sectionwater corner

If someone has the opportunity and territory, then you can build a more massive pool. The easiest way is to dig a pit with sloping banks. Then carefully coat them with mint clay in several layers. The thickness of each layer is 10-15 centimeters. Each layer must first be dried, and then tamp the next. The total thickness of the bottom and walls of clay should be at least 30-40 centimeters. The clay edges of the pool are laid out just above the water surface by about 10-15 centimeters. The outer layer is strengthened by sinking a dense layer of gravel into it. For final finishing, the bottom and walls of the pool are sprinkled with fine crushed stone or river sand, 5-8 centimeters thick.

A more reliable pool will turn out if you make insulation from the ground with a plastic film or roofing material in one or two layers. This material is carefully laid on the bottom and banks of the pit and then sprinkled with sand or gravel. The edges of the film are brought to the surface of the earth and pressed with a flat flagstone. You can also make the sides of such a pool from monolithic concrete using wooden formwork.

And finally, the most expensive pools can be made entirely of reinforced concrete reinforced with steel mesh. The bowl of such a pool is concreted with two layers, between which a roll waterproofing is laid.

Water in home pools must be changed periodically, otherwise it will begin to bloom and rot, giving off an unpleasant smell. Therefore, when constructing massive pools, it is necessary to provide a drain pipe in advance. In extreme cases, you can use a water pump, for which a small concrete recess is filled in the corner of the pool.

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