How do I train my child to exercise? Get ready to charge!

Teach your child to chargeHealthy habits and good sports form, laid down from childhood , are a great gift for children. Give it the right way, with your example and healthy interest in active life. Yes, it sounds easy in words, but in fact it turns out, as always, not so easy. Lack of free time for adults, resistance in the form of laziness and apathy on the part of children, and most importantly – a lack of understanding: where to start and how to approach
to such a seemingly mundane issue as regular sports activities with your children. If you want to give your child (and yourself at the same time) a healthy lifestyle – then you will succeed. The sun, air, water and a few of our tips will help you train your child to charge.

Teach your child to charge by example

Healthy if Cycling, roller-racing or skiing on Sundays is a common thing for you. Tell your child about your impressions, the benefits of training and why you love to play sports. Do this sincerely, without moralizing, and take the child with you. Start with the basics and show what you can achieve by practicing regularly.

Create a sporty atmosphere to train your child to exercise

Constant access to active movement will help the baby learn to control his body. Neuroscientist Glenn Doman, author of one of the most famous methods of early childhood development, introduced the concept of motor intelligence. His findings showed that the more a baby is encouraged to move, the faster its brain is formed. When you master the next motor skill, higher parts of the brain develop.

Celebrate your children’s achievements in sports

Remember-your baby did not learn to walk right away. Do you remember how happy you were with his first hesitant steps? Be happy as well. Support him and praise him – for a successful exercise, perseverance, tell him how strong he is becoming. Expand your sports horizons.

If a child is already interested in a certain sport, do not limit their interest to the walls of the hall. Go to “adult” tournaments and competitions, watch videos of athletes ‘ performances, and study biographies of sports stars. This will help you look at sports from different points of view, inspire you to work hard and teach you to exercise.

Buy a beautiful and comfortable uniform for classes. Choose the appropriate clothing together – it should not only be comfortable, meet the standards for training, but also like your child. Most importantly, it must protect him from possible injuries.

Do not force your child to exercise

If the child categorically does not want to go to training, rollerblading with you or get up on a snowboard – do not force and in any case do not get angry. There may be a lot of reasons for this – it is better to talk to them about the reasons later, when the protest subsides. Perhaps the child is not attracted to the sports known to him, and he simply does not know the others. In this case, tell your child about the variety of training sessions. This will help you find something to do. It is not terrible if the child wants to switch to another sport.

Support your child’s search for suitable sports for themselves

Playing sports is a great way to instill healthy habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Grow and develop together with your children, observe the measure and do not demand from the child more than he can handle, play sports on his own and try to teach children to exercise – and you will succeed.

Author: Marina Abayeva

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