How do I prepare my car for winter?

prepare the car for winterWinter is a difficult time for motorists. To avoid problems with the car in the cold, you need to meet the winter fully armed. Auto exports recommend that every time before the start of the winter season, the car is diagnosed in the service. However, only a few follow this advice. Do you want to check the car from and to? At least complete the required minimum.

Change the summer tires on the car

We do not wear summer sandals in winter, but for some reason we allow ourselves to ride in the cold on summer tires. Where is the logic? Proven: summer tires are not designed for driving on snow and ice. This is simply dangerous for the life of the driver and passengers! They are getting old and losing grip.

Even at a temperature of 5-7 degrees, you should think about changing summer tires to winter wheels. For our country, the ideal rubber with spikes, all-season “Velcro” as an option is better not to consider.

On the old rubber, more than half of the spikes should be present, and the tread depth should be at least 4 mm. Is it wrong with you? Buy new wheels!

Check the battery

The main headache for most motorists in winter is the battery. If it is bad or old already at-10 degrees of frost, the car may not start. So before the start of the winter season, it makes sense to check the battery, recharge it if necessary, or buy a new one. Another important indicator is the density of electrolytes. Be sure to ask the service station about this.

Check the brakes

Brakes are responsible for safety, and especially in winter! At this time of year, the braking distance of cars increases. If the brake pads are old and worn, the car will not stop immediately after you press the brake pedal.

The car doesn’t slow down right away? When you brake, you hear a creak and cut? So, you urgently need to change the brake pads! By the way, the brake discs should also be checked. At least they should not be rusty.

What you need to do to keep the car glass clean

Good visibility is the key to success on the road. In winter, this can be a problem, especially if the windscreen wipers (they are also “wipers”) are old. They should be changed every year, or even more often. It all depends on the operating conditions. Windscreen wipers are based on rubber, which wears out quickly.

Do not forget to fill the glass washer tank with a non-freezing liquid. Before you pour it, spray the remnants of the summer washer on the glass.

Check the car body

In winter, the smallest chips and scratches on the car body risk turning into rust. To avoid this, before the winter season, you can treat the body completely with wax or mastic.

Be careful with washing the car in winter. Cars are hard to tolerate temperature changes. It is better to choose sinks in warm rooms – for example, in the Parking lots of shopping centers, and after washing, give the car an hour to dry.

By the way, in winter, often wash the car under the hood, so that the bottom does not accumulate “icicles”.

What questions should I ask the car service master?

Don’t want to do a full car diagnostics before winter? Take the car to the service and ask employees to check at least a few important indicators.

The antifreeze level. Do I need to top it up? If so, which one?
Spark plug. Are they working? (The start of the car depends on them).
The alternator belt. It should not have any damage, it should not creak.
What do I need to put in my car in winter?

To be fully equipped in winter, it does not hurt to go to a specialized store and buy a few winter car accessories.

Brush with a scraper. On the one hand, a brush that can be used to clean off snow, on the other-a scraper. It removes ice from the glass. Take an accessory with a long handle, especially if you have a crossover or jeep.

Shovel. It will help you out when you need to clear the road or a Parking space.

Tow rope. If the shovel can’t cope with the task and you have to be rescued, the tow rope is very useful!

Wires for “lighting up”. They will help if the car does not start, but you need to go. All you have to do is find a helper car.

Silicone grease. It is required to process all the rubber seals of car doors so that they open well in the cold. Also, pre-lubricate the locks with a special compound so that the internal mechanism does not freeze.

Note to motorists

Don’t forget to switch to winter driving style! Brake well in advance, keep your distance, slow down before turns, and generally don’t accelerate too fast. In winter, the gas tank must always be at least one-third full. Remember: winter for every driver is an exam for professional aptitude.

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