Homemade Kuvaev system pot for a hike in the forest

Homemade pot for HikingHiking aluminum kettles, which are sold in stores, are quite inconvenient for the equipment of an ordinary mushroom picker. They are bulky and rattle mercilessly, catching on every branch. To prevent this from happening, experienced mushroom pickers, hunters and fishermen use a homemade pot of ordinary tin cans for Hiking routes, which he described in one of his works famous writer Oleg Kuvaev.

How to make a homemade pot for a hike

In order to make such a homemade pot, you need to prepare two tin cans of green peas, corn, etc. the Banks must be different in volume. A large one is 500-600 milligrams, and a small one is the size of a two-hundred-gram glass. The jagged edges of the cans will need to be leveled using pliers and a file or a hammer on a mini anvil.

Next, we punch holes on the edges of the cans with a nail or awl. These edge-lugs will serve for fixing the handles of micro-pots. As handles, you can use a soft copper wire with a cross section of one millimeter or a multi-stranded cable from an electrical wire.

The smaller jar should easily fit into the larger one like a matryoshka. In a large homemade pot, you can cook a mushroom pot, and in a small one, you can boil herbal tea.

Also, in addition to the pot for those who like to indulge in nature fried mushrooms, you can make a mini-pan in this way. It is well suited for low (but wide) cans of keels in oil or tomato, which in addition to direct use can be used as a lid for a soup pot.

The main advantage of this craft is that the homemade pot has thin walls, which significantly contributes to the speed of cooking; lightness and small almost toy size. All the “trio” can easily fit in a backpack pocket and will not interfere with walking.

Well, to completely deafen the homemade camp pots, so that they do not interfere with the enjoyment of the primeval silence of the Russian forest, knocking against each other, put an old woolen glove between them, which will also protect your hands from burns when you remove cooked food from the fire.

Another advantage of the Kuvaev system of bowlers is that they do not need devices for a fire that are usually used in the campaign. That is, stakes with slingshots and a crossbar will not be needed. It will be enough to cut off one pole with a twig at the end and, having sharpened it, drive it deep into the ground at an angle over the fire. Good luck!

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