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How to make a Mini-cellar-refrigerator (earth refrigerator) in the country. Secrets of home craftsmen

Mini-cellar-refrigeratorNot every dacha has electricity and, therefore, there will be no place to store perishable products there due to the lack of a refrigerator. But you don’t really want to eat only canned food and concentrates. You can of course go every day to the nearest village store and buy the necessary food there, but it is not very convenient, especially if it is far away from your dacha. The way out is still quite simple. Let’s turn to our ancestors, who did not have refrigerators, but had perishable products. Continue reading

How to make a thermos cellar with your own hands

cellar-thermosOn some land plots, the ground water is too close to the surface, so it is not possible to make an underground or dig a traditional cellar. Building an above-ground vegetable storage facility is a rather expensive “pleasure”. But the harvest will not be lost? If you have a similar problem, you can arrange a cellar-thermos, and make one part of it half-buried, and the second to lift off the ground. Continue reading

How to make a greenhouse on the monastic model. Diagram of the monastic greenhouse

Arrangement of a monastic greenhouseBefore proceeding to the description of the practical device of the monastic greenhouse, let’s talk about the principle of its operation, which is based on a well-known physical phenomenon: the contact of cold with heat forms condensate. Heat is obtained as a result of decomposition of biofuels (straw, sawdust, leaves). Well, the cold is produced by a special battery, which is a capacity, filled with antifreeze or some non-freezing solution, such as salt or used engine oil. Continue reading

Methods of processing pork at home

Processing of porkFrom the carcass of a slaughtered pig, the internal fat is selected and re-heated. This is done as follows. The fat is cut into small pieces and put in a deep pan. Then the pan is put in the oven and the fat of the pork begins to peretopka. At the same time, the water evaporates, and the melted fat becomes Golden, and after cooling it becomes white, similar in appearance to skimmed cottage cheese. Continue reading

How to make a furnace from a bourgeois stove

Oven for the gardenHeating your own home (cottage) is the primary concern of any resident of the countryside. Someone if possible conducts gas heating, someone puts electric boilers, well, some still use the good old air-heating stoves. In some homes, there are still “Russian stoves” that heat the room very well, but they are too bulky and voracious. For small houses as a heating center, the so – called “burzhuyki” – metal stoves may well be suitable. Continue reading

Homemade crusher and press for fruit crops

Homemade crusher and pressThe eternal Russian paradox: a bad harvest is a disaster, a good harvest is a big disaster. In industrial, abandoned, and often in home gardens, a lot of berries and fruits remain. Carrion in the village is at best fed to livestock. But this is a valuable product for getting juice, vinegar, and home-made wine for the future. Instead we import expensive and questionable goods quality surrogates. Continue reading

How to make a smokehouse for meat products at home

Homemade smokehouse from an iron boxHome smokehouse-a thing necessary mainly for rural residents who keep their own livestock for slaughter. Although many summer residents who go on vacation from their city apartments, also do not mind to indulge in sausages and hams of their own cooking. As they say – at least you know what you’re making of. A homemade smokehouse in a rural house is easy to make. We will consider two simplest ones method of making a smokehouse. Continue reading