Homemade crusher and press for fruit crops

Homemade crusher and pressThe eternal Russian paradox: a bad harvest is a disaster, a good harvest is a big disaster. In industrial, abandoned, and often in home gardens, a lot of berries and fruits remain. Carrion in the village is at best fed to livestock. But this is a valuable product for getting juice, vinegar, and home-made wine for the future. Instead we import expensive and questionable goods quality surrogates.

Our industry also “helps” to maintain a paradoxical situation: the crushers and juicers produced by it are characterized by very low productivity.

But the inquisitive and inventive mind of the Russian man is full of various kinds of homemade products, including in the field of processing fruit and berry crops.

For example, Ivan Danilovich Popov from the Volgograd region uses his homemade tools – a crusher and a press – to crush three buckets of apples in just 2-3 minutes and squeeze the juice out of three buckets of mezga in 10-12 minutes.

How to make a homemade fruit crusher

These homemade devices are quite simple – any mechanic can do it. A crosspiece is used for crushing (see Fig.) consisting of two sharply sharpened plates cut from the disc of the seeder. In the center – drilled holes designed for fixing the rod with a nut M10. The assembled crosspiece is driven by an electric drill. Fruits are filled in a stainless steel tank with high walls.

How to make a homemade fruit press

For pressing, the tank is placed in a special frame (see Fig.). at the bottom of the tank is placed a wooden circle with holes 10-12 mm across the entire plane and two bars 15-20 mm high, nailed with stainless nails across the fibers of the circle (for strength). The circle itself is about 70 mm smaller than the diameter of the tank. A clean bag made of synthetic durable fabric is placed on the circle and filled with a mezga.

Four wooden racks are placed between the bag and the tank walls. The upper unfilled part of the bag is rolled up and pressed with another similar circle, the bars up. Two strong bars are placed on the planks, a pan or deep enamel bowl is placed, and a car Jack is placed in it.

The juice is removed by a hose inserted in the tank next to one of the racks.

The bed can be made of any metal or even wood, only you need to first calculate. So that the structure can withstand the pressure of the Jack.

Homemade crusher and press

By the way, instead of a Jack, you can adapt a special lever. For faster spin in large cans, you need to use several bags, shifting them in circles with planks nailed on both sides. One bag is enough to squeeze over 200 liters of juice.

You can use glass bottles from 10 to 50 liters to ferment the juice into wine.

The dimensions of the bed must match the dimensions of your tank and Jack.

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