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Recommendations for maintaining good health during seasonal changes in the seasons

Seasonal recommendationsTo maintain good health throughout the year, you must follow the recommendations of maintaining good health and live in complete harmony with natural cycles, each time adjusting to changes in the environment by choosing the right food, the number and type of exercise, seasonal clothing, and so on. The tips on this page will help you Continue reading

What is health? Why do we get sick?

healthWhat is health? What is a disease? Are they just a matter of chance, depending on what bacteria you encounter in your daily life? How to maintain good health and not get sick? The answers to these questions are based on a deep understanding of life and the practical experience of many generations. The accumulated knowledge helps both to prevent the development of the disease, and to cure it if it occurs. Continue reading

Right living. Daily routine for good health

regimen of dayYour health and quality of life experience depends on the style of your daily life (daily routine). This health-affecting factor is most subject to control. You can’t control the weather or your genes, but what you do every day either strengthens or weakens your body. From the decisions you make every second — what to eat, how much to eat, how to react to other people, whether you exercise or not, how late you stay up at night, and so on, depends on your mental and physical health. Continue reading