Garden furniture with your own hands. Ennobling the suburban area

Garden furnitureGarden furniture is now sold in specialty stores in a variety of variations. There are plenty of metal and plastic samples on sale. But when you, for example, put in your garden a set consisting of a plastic table and chairs, quite often they look, to put it mildly, not quite appropriate and do not fit into the overall interior of the garden. They seem to be some kind of alien elements.

And why pay money when, using some imagination, you can furnish a garden plot with furniture made with your own hands. Well, there is a lot of suitable material for this venture in the forest.

How to make simple garden furniture from available materials

For example, if you align the end of a large stump, you will get a beautiful table. You can also use thick tree cuts as a table and chairs, which will rest on thin logs dug into the ground. By the way, for garden furniture, it is undesirable to use softwood because it can constantly appear resin in the most unexpected places. And this is a hundred percent guarantee that sooner or later you will ruin your clothes. Make garden furniture from birch or aspen.

Very well and organically fit into the surrounding plant environment chairs made of logs 40-50 centimeters high placed on the lawn or Playground. In shady places, near reservoirs, garden paths, benches made of debarked trunks with a diameter of 50-65 centimeters will look good.

Countertops and seats can be planed with a plane, then sanded with fine sandpaper and covered with a water-resistant varnish that will reliably protect your garden furniture from rain and snow.

Garden furniture with your own hands. Ennobling the suburban areaFurniture made of logsGarden furniture

Wooden supports that will be dug into the ground are soaked with hot bitumen. Then they are filled with a mixture of soil and crushed stone, which must be carefully compacted. You can also soak them several times with used engine oil. And then fill the supports with mint clay, also tightly compacting layer by layer. This method will keep the supports in good condition for a long time, without allowing rot to develop.

In General, it is in your hands to create all the conditions for a quiet and comfortable stay on the garden plot. And at the same time without spending a ruble on its arrangement.

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