How to quickly destroy fungus and mold in the cellar?

fungusFungus and mold in the cellar can be destroyed using several different methods. The most common method of getting rid of the fungus is to whitewash the walls and shelves with slaked lime. This is done as follows: quench the lime with water (when the lime reacts with water, it sizzles, boils and becomes hot). Here is this hot solution of lime and you need to whitewash everything in the cellar
– you can even sprinkle on the floor, or even whitewash, too, if the floor is wooden or brick or concrete.

When whitewashing with hot lime, be careful and make sure that it does not get on open areas of the skin or God forbid in the eyes. Wear a special mask or glasses on your face, and rubber gloves on your hands.

How to remove fungus and mold in the cellar

Another effective way to destroy fungus and mold is to use a solution of copper or iron vitriol. This is how it is done…

To begin with, the cellar must be well cleaned and dried. Next, you need to treat the walls damaged by fungus with a solution of copper (or iron) vitriol at the rate of 150 grams of the substance per liter of water. Once the cellar is dry it is necessary to produce the plaster of the walls. Very well helps “salty whitewash»… that is, salt is added to the whitewash (lime).

Before you put it in storage in the cellar, it must be carefully inspected for debris (the earth could fall off, for example) and cleaned. Then do a “fumigation”. To do this, take birch bark, small chips and pieces of rubber (car camera, for example) and put on the floor (provided that it is not wooden). Then all this is set on fire and close the lid of the cellar. Just do not overdo it with a bookmark in the cellar of combustible material, so as not to turn it into a blast furnace. Quite a small amount of wood chips and rubber is enough to make a high-quality ” dymovushka»

If you don’t want to “build a fire” in the cellar, you can buy sulfur in the store and process it.

After all the cleaning operations, thoroughly ventilate the cellar and only then can you fill it with fresh harvest.

By the way, if the soil under the garden house is covered with a layer of roofing material, this will significantly reduce the dampness in the basement. Wooden structures will last much longer, and the air will become drier.

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