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Propagation of gooseberries by horizontal layering

Propagation of gooseberriesGooseberries retain the properties of a particular variety only when propagated vegetatively. Most often, its propagation of gooseberries is made by horizontal layering, since the plant can successfully develop additional roots on branches covered with soil. For rapid propagation by layering on the Bush, choose healthy annual and perennial branches that run from its base. Continue reading

How to plant gooseberries correctly. Preparing the soil for gooseberries

How to plant gooseberriesOften, Amateur gardeners plant gooseberries in 1-2 rows along the fence or along the borders of the plot, leaving a distance of 70 cm between the bushes in a row and 2 m between the rows. This scheme is suitable for planting young, still immature plants. Although it is preferable to plant gooseberries according to the scheme: the distance between plants in a row is about 125-150 cm with a row width of 5-6 m. Continue reading