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How to start developing a child’s intelligence from the cradle

intelligence from the cradleIf you want your child to have a developed intelligence, start doing it right now. After all, it is from birth to three years of age that parents have a real chance to support the baby’s natural craving for knowledge. You will be able at this age to lay the child’s interest in learning and grow a truly outstanding person. Start teaching your baby to read right from the cradle.
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Steam bath instead of cosmetologist. Steaming by the rules

Steam bathThe steam room in the bath can completely replace some of the services of a cosmetologist! Since ancient times, the bath has been considered a place where a woman can prolong and restore her health and beauty. Well, in order for the steam room to bring only one benefit and nothing but benefit, it is necessary to steam in stages using well-known rules (which unfortunately many lovers and lovers of steam rooms do not always observe). Continue reading

A good night’s sleep without sleeping pills. How to fall asleep correctly

Sleep without sleeping pillsSleeping pills are a radical way to combat insomnia, which is best used as rarely as possible. You can get a healthy sleep without medication. During sleep, the balance of hormones in the human body is restored, muscles relax, the skin regenerates, the information received is processed by the brain and sent for storage. In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, we feel refreshed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Continue reading

How to lose weight without a diet: ten Golden rules

lose weightRepresentatives of medicine believe that torturing yourself with diets in order to lose weight is harmful. It is much more effective to slightly adjust the diet and adhere to simple rules. Diet is always stressful for the body. And besides, after a long fast, the weight returns quite quickly. And the saddest thing is that you risk weighing even more than before the diet. Experts suggest that we forget about the diet
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The fragrance of your home. How to saturate your home with pleasant smells

The fragrance of your homeIf the house smells good, you want to go back there. The pleasant aromas of freshly baked pastries, clean Laundry and flowers. If you do not like the smell of your home for some reason, it can be improved with simple tools available to anyone. It is not necessary to buy special air flavors, which are not always harmless. Improve the flavor of the home can be more simple
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How to make money at home? Examples of earning money at home

Earn money at homeIf you are on vacation or you simply do not have the opportunity to come to the office every day, you can work part-time at home. There are quite a lot of ways to earn money at home, and today we will look at a few of them. Freelancing allows you to freely manage your time. But in order for you to really make money, you will have to forget about household duties and turn your home into an office (pastry shop, workshop, etc.) Continue reading

7 ways to restore old shoes. Shoes as new!

To restore the old the shoesIf you notice that your shoes have lost their Shine and color, but are still intact and strong, you do not need to immediately run to the store to buy a new one. This is not practical and wasteful. There are seven simple ways to help you quickly “reanimate” your favorite things and give them a “second life”. At the same time, you will save not only money, but also time and nerves (sometimes it is difficult to choose quickly the right style, size, style, etc., and this is infuriating as hell). Continue reading