Exercises for the neck. How to get rid of neck pain

Exercises for the neckMost often it is the muscles of the neck are more likely to suffer from a sedentary lifestyle. To correct this situation, add a few neck exercises to your daily routine. The whole set of exercises will take you no more than ten minutes, but the effect will undoubtedly please – ease and mobility in the neck, no heaviness in the head and headaches, a toned chin and a healthy complexion.

How to do neck exercises

Stand up straight, tilt your head back and relax your lower jaw, open your mouth slightly. Now slowly lift the lower jaw up and forward. Strain your chin muscles as much as possible. And with your lower lip, reach to the tip of your nose.
Straighten up, put your fingers on your shoulders. Then pull your neck up as much as possible, and press your shoulders down with your fingers. At the peak of this stretch, inhale, hold the air for 10 seconds, exhale, and relax.
Standing straight, lower your arms along your body. Also, lower your head on your chest and make several rolls in a circle, starting with your left shoulder. Then in the opposite direction, starting from the right shoulder.
Turn your head sideways, for example, to the right. Then touch your shoulder with your chin. Make sure that the shoulders do not rise. Then reach for the other shoulder. Repeat the exercise five times for each side.
This exercise is similar to the previous one, but you need to reach for the shoulder with your ear instead of your chin. It should also be performed 5 times on each ear.
Clench your fists, then place them one on top of the other at neck level. Resting your chin on your fists, try to lower your head, and touch the pressure with your fists.
The next exercise is for the chin muscles. Sitting on a chair, put your elbows on the table, fingers in the “lock”. Place your chin on your closed fingers. Now lift your chin up with your hands, and use your muscles to resist. And Vice versa-lower your chin down, and counteract with your hands.
Put your hands on your forehead. Then lower your head down and use your hands to resist. Feel the neck muscles tighten.
Hold a pencil between your teeth and lips, pull your chin forward, and draw a few circles, eights, and ovals in the air.
If the neck is thin and sinewy, and there are hollows above the collarbones, then this exercise will be useful. Put your hands on your shoulders, raise your elbows to the level of your shoulders and make 10 circular movements forward and the same amount in the opposite direction. Keep your hands at shoulder level.

If you are suffering from neck pain-pay attention to this exercise:

The rise of the head. Lie on your back on a hard surface (for example, a yoga Mat will do). Lift your head a centimeter off the floor, leaving your shoulders on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and gently lower your head. Feel the muscles relax after prolonged tension, and the neck instantly stops hurting. Repeat five times. Gradually bring the time when you keep your head up to a minute.

Author: Victoria Orlova

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