A simple pigsty for piglets. How to keep pigs properly

Pigsty. Feedlot planAt home, pigs are usually kept in closed rooms, the construction of which is not cheap. And for animals, this way of life is not very useful. Experienced breeders offer to keep animals on a feedlot consisting of closed and open parts. Such a pigsty has been successfully used by many pig farmers for many years. Pigs that are in the fresh air, heat and cold are tolerated completely calmly, temperature differences do not affect their growth and weight gain. Animals themselves regulate their mode: when necessary, bask in the sun or go into the shade, under the roof. They sleep in a booth.

They can be locked if necessary. In cold winter, pig fattening continues until mid-December. In the second decade of the month, animals successfully tolerate frosts up to 25 degrees.

A feedlot for pigs can be arranged by any owner: its design is quite simple, and such a platform is inexpensive. Most often, pigs are kept in pairs, then the animals warm up together on cold days, eat better food and, of course, grow faster. Therefore, the open area proposed by the author is designed for two heads.

The closed part (lair) is a pigsty-box with a roof and is adjacent to a blank wall (for example, to a barn), and three of its sides are closed with walls of wood. The floor in the booth is wooden, lined with boards or logs and rises above the floor of the open part by 0.1-0.15 m. The height of the booth is 1.5-1.8 m. The exit from the booth to the open part is closed by a door.

Feedlot plan

Pigsty. Feedlot plan

1 is the den; 2 – feeder; 3 – range platform; 4 – the septic tank; 5 – the plug; 6 – door; 7 – a blind wall.

The open part is a paddock feedlot, fenced on three sides with poles. A door is made to enter the building. The floor of the platform is concreted or laid out with boards (you can use logs) and has a slope to the liquid collector. If necessary, you can arrange a canopy.

Here, in the open area, a feeder is placed. It consists of a trough and a flap (cover). The trough in the cross section is a truncated cone. Dimensions of the trough, m: length-0.6-0.7. Width at the bottom-0.3, top-0.4, height-0.22.

The fence divides the feeder in half so that one part serves for feeding the pigs, and the second – for feeding the feed. Thanks to this, there is no need to go to the animals to feed them. Before feeding, open the lid, all the rest of the time it is kept closed, so that rats and mice can not get in.

Pigs need to be trained to rest on dry bedding, then they will be cleaner, and the lair will become drier and warmer. First, lay the bedding only in the booth. When the animals get used to rest in dryness, lay the bedding (straw, hay, peat, etc.) in an open area.

In an open area, you can effectively get solid manure and in large quantities. On the site, the litter is introduced through the fence, and the manure is removed through it directly into the Burt for further pereprevaniya.

Diagram of the pigsty floor

Diagram of the pigsty floor

1-lair; 2-platform; 3-lattice floor; 4-litter manure; 5-concrete; 6 – manure drains.

From each animal when applying litter, 10-15 kg of manure is obtained per day. From two pigs for the fattening season (200 days), you can prepare 6-7 tons of manure or compost.

It is recommended to add food and vegetable waste from the garden and garden to the manure pile. The liquid fraction from the liquid collector, diluted with water and allowed to ferment, can be used for feeding vegetables.

Author: M. Strigunov, candidate of technical Sciences

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