How to make a collapsible barbecue with your own hands. Scheme and dimensions of the kebab shop

Homemade barbecueIn the summer, many summer residents are happy to work on their plots, cultivating beds, berry bushes and fruit trees. But for all its employment, the owner of the site should not forget about the rest. And the best rest is a rest in the fresh air. And, of course, always by the fire, from which there is an amazing smell of fried meat. But to cook a shish kebab, you must first make a shish kebab for it. Continue reading

Self-made structures for collecting fruit of fruit trees

If you have a garden in which fruit trees grow, then in the fall there is a problem of quick harvest. Plucking apples with your hands, for example, is long and tedious, but you can make special homemade designs for this, which will greatly facilitate the harvesting of the fruit crop. Below you will see the device diagrams of the simplest devices for collecting fruits, Continue reading

What to do if there is mold in the cellar. Methods of disinfection of the cellar

дезинфекция погребаThe cellar, as you know, is an underground room designed for storing vegetables, fruits and canned food in the winter season. At the same time, the cellar must be dry, otherwise sooner or later mold will appear in it, as well as fungal diseases of vegetables and fruits. In addition, in the damp, all the wooden parts of the cellar will begin to collapse much faster. Therefore, every year in any cellar it is necessary to carry out disinfection. Continue reading

Which egg-laying hens are better to choose for novice poultry breeders

Selection of egg-laying hensSpring is approaching, and many owners of a personal farmstead are already thinking about buying young chickens. How to choose the breed of chicken? First, you need to decide for yourself what you are going to do. Either you will raise laying hens, or you just need eggs. If you need only eggs from chickens, then you can buy egg crosses. Continue reading

How to start developing a child’s intelligence from the cradle

intelligence from the cradleIf you want your child to have a developed intelligence, start doing it right now. After all, it is from birth to three years of age that parents have a real chance to support the baby’s natural craving for knowledge. You will be able at this age to lay the child’s interest in learning and grow a truly outstanding person. Start teaching your baby to read right from the cradle.
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Types and types of fences. What kind of fence should I build around the site?

Types of fencesA fence on a dacha plot or in a private house is no less important than the house itself. The fence is not only a conditional protection from animals and people, but also a certain mystical feature that protects your home from uninvited guests. Let’s look at what types of fences there are, and determine the advantages of each of them.
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Garden furniture with your own hands. Ennobling the suburban area

Garden furnitureGarden furniture is now sold in specialty stores in a variety of variations. There are plenty of metal and plastic samples on sale. But when you, for example, put in your garden a set consisting of a plastic table and chairs, quite often they look, to put it mildly, not quite appropriate and do not fit into the overall interior of the garden. They seem to be some kind of alien elements.
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